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A bequest from former NDHA president, Mrs. Gennette Robinson, RDH, MS (2005-2007) has lead to the creation of the Past Presidents Legacy Fund which will support one practicing dental hygienist who is a new member and first-time attendee of the annual convention. The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund is dedicated to providing quality leadership, mentorship, and professional  learning to its awardees. In order to assure the continuation of minorities in the dental hygiene profession and to leave a legacy of excellence and continuity of advancement within the profession, Mrs. Robinson has initiated The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund.  All first-time new member attendees' names will be placed in a pool and one winner will be announced at the President's Breakfast during each annual convention.

More than one first-time new member is eligible to win based on the growth ofThe NDHA Past Presidents LegacyFund. Because the work of The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund can only exist through the generouscontributions of interested benefactors, we rely on the strong leadership and vast largesse our past presidents to help support this important work. All benefactors will be added to the Legacy Fund Circle by being recognized in The NDHA in Brief published quarterly, in the e-newsletter,and at the President's Breakfast during the Annual Conference. You will receive a certificate of excellent  achievement and a commemorative plaque as a token of the Legacy Fund's appreciation.

You can support this endeavor at several different giving levels:


This is the highest level of personal giving. With your gift of $250 or more, you will match the gift of our 26th president, Mrs. Gennette Robinson, RDH, MS that has formed the foundation of The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund.


  •  Millennium: Mrs.Gennette Robinson (2005- 2007) 25th NDHA President
  •  Century: Dr. Tracye A. Moore (2013-2015) 29th NDHA President
  •  Century: Ms. Sharon Russell (1987-1989) 17th NDHA President  
  •  Century:  Ms. Tanya Kels (2007-2009) 26th NDHA President    
  •  Century: Ms. Sylena James - dedicated NDHA member 
  •  Generation: Mrs. Cheryl W. Hall (2003 -2005) 24th NDHA President  
  •  Decade: Ms. Mildred Lee Taylor  (1997-1999) 21st  NDHA President 
  •  Decade: Dr. Cynthia O. Pace (1979-1981) 12th NDHA President   


The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund benefactors receive the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to the  advancement of dental hygiene and the professional learning communities that may assist in maintaining the leadership skills, mentoring, and research opportunities of minority dental hygienists nationwide.

We invite you to make a difference in the future of dental hygiene. Your contributions will provide necessary funding for first-time new member dental hygienist to attend the annual convention.  Leave a legacy you can be proud of...send in your pledge to The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund today!


  • Millennium: Gifts of $350 to $500
  • Century:Gifts of $250 to $349
  • Generation:Gifts of $150 to $249
  • Decade: Gifts of $50 to $149


Yes!  I would like to be a part of The NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund. Please find an enclosed check for my sponsorship in the amount of      $_____________________

Please make a copy of this form,  make all checks payable to NDHA,  and submit to:

  • National Dental Hygienists' Association
  • NDHA Past Presidents Legacy Fund
  • c/o Mrs. LaVerna J. Wilson, Treasurer
  • 366 E. Gorgas Lane
  • Philadelphia, PA 19119

Thank you for all of your support

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